We’re FieldGoals.US, a woman-owned consumer research firm, and we’re shaking up the market research industry by giving YOU the chance to voice YOUR opinions. It is our most sincere desire to hear about the products and services that inspire you or drive you crazy! WE ARE LISTENING! Together, our research findings will reach national companies – and it all starts with your opinion. There are millions of products and services on the market, and we have a feeling you’ve already felt a certain way about many of them! So now is your chance to speak up! Engage! Share you opinions! And best of all, GET PAID for speaking out. BE THE HEARD!

Our Mission

Every voice deserves to BE HEARD. Our mission is to meet the need for an ongoing connection between product and service providers and the voice of every consumer.

Our Vision

Providing a platform where consumers from any socio-economic, demographic or cultural background can share valued opinions in a safe setting to create meaningful change.